Facts about Cheap Flights to Ljubljana

There are many ways to travel to Ljubljana. Air travel is one of the alternatives. Cheap flights to Ljubljana usually depart from major airports around the world and land in Ljubljana International Airport. A flight can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 day. It depends on the country of departure. Cheap flights to Ljubljana originating from some European and Asian destinations should not take long. However, if you are travelling from The Americas, Asia, or Australia, you should expect to spend some time travelling. Most likely, there will be several stops. To avoid surprises, make sure that you know what travelling to Ljubljana entails before the beginning of your journey. You need to get enlightened about international flights, attractions along the way, and the culture in Ljubljana.

Cheap flights to Ljubljana operate all the days of the week. Therefore, you can schedule your flight to be any day. Always book early to avoid last minute inconveniences. Booking early also makes you to pay a low price. As the day of a flight approaches, an airline will hike price. The smart traveller knows how to save money. He always carries out comparison-shopping. You can use an online tool to compare the rates and terms of the different airline companies. By joining the reward program of an airline, you are setting yourself for future gains. This is because, with every flight, you get points that you can redeem latter. If you are a frequent flier, you need to read about frequent flier programs of cheap flights to Ljubljana. Always use one airline for all your air travel. This makes all the benefits to accumulate in one place facilitating easy redemption of points.

Budget airlines offer most cheap flights to Ljubljana. You can easily find a company that matches a good price with high-quality service delivery. Do not choose the first option that you come across no matter how affordable it is. Chances are that if you research more you can find a cheaper service. Your work colleagues and family members will recommend to you affordable airlines. You should also read online reviews.

Things You Need To Know When Booking Flights to Slovenia

Millions of people fly around the world each year. Each day, someone new steps on a plane for the first time. No matter how many times you have flown, there are always things you can learn. Here are a few tips to make your flying experience as smooth as possible.

Get Prepared

Traveling prepared is the best way to travel. When you fly, make sure to have all necessary forms of identification on you. You should have your passport. You should also have a driver’s license or identification card. You will also need all other necessary documentation, like your tickets.

Book Early

It is important to book early. Know where you are going and make your preparations in advance. Even if you are traveling at the last minute, try and book tickets before arriving to the airport. Doing research on flights to Slovenia can save you big money. Money is not everything, though. It is worthwhile to pay extra for a ticket if there are other services included with that ticket.

Read The Luggage Guidelines

It is important to read the luggage guidelines each time you fly. Luggage guidelines change often, and every airline is different. If you are connecting between two different airplanes, read the guidelines for both.

Know When You Transfer

While there are often flights that will connect you from Point A to Point B, many flights will have transfers. It is important to know when and where you will transfer. Know when and where you transfer to avoid problems.

Know The Rules for The Country You Are Going Too

Each country has its own unique set of laws that must be followed, even if they seem different than your own. It is important to follow the laws so that you do not get in trouble. Be sure to register with the embassy you belong to as well if you are traveling out of the country. This will keep you alert of any potential problems that may arise while you are there.


Flying is a great way to get to your destination. If you are prepared, you should expect and receive smooth sailing.

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Stepping out from your hotels in Ljubljana

Ljubljana! The capital of Slovenia, its obviously the first choice of area when deciding to visit Slovenia. Luckily there is no shortage of hotels in Ljubljana which is great if you are looking for relaxing strolls along the river, coffee along the river, shopping around the river. After all the city centre is located along the Ljubljanica River. Yet after all these activities along the river and coffees in the numerous swanky yet laid back cafes. You may be asking yourself…. Where is the alternative crowd?

If your hoping to take in a live rock band or thrash about a dance floor listening to ´The Cure´, well then you are in luck believe it or not! The answer to your question is ´Metelkova´, so step out from those hotels in Ljubljana and lets get loose.

Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa Ljublajna

During the 1980s, an alternative culture began to develop. This caused an influx of young people into the city centre and in turn the Metelkova neighbourhood was born in 1993, this massive space provides seven buildings consisting of art galleries, artist studios, and seven nightclubs. Its your urban ´home away from home´. The buildings are covered in graffiti and in one night within the neighbourhood you have the option of many different genre of music. Also, you can bring your own alcohol to Metelkova!
So there it is, tight jeans, studded belt, afro or mohawk make sure you escape from your hotels in Ljubljana and head to Metelkova for a great alternative AND cheap night out!

For all of you who prefer classy accommodation this Ljubljana brand new hotel might be the perfect choice.