Naturist Camping in Croatia

Naturism in Croatia has a long and proud history in Croatia. The country opened its doors to naturists back in 1953, it was the first European country to take this big step. Today, Croatia is home to some of the largest and best naturist campsites in all of Europe. These naturist camp sites are frequented by people who enjoy being sans textiles or clothing, so if this type of camping excites you then you should definitely pay a visit to Croatia. You will not be left disappointed because there is a large spread of naturist campsites here, twenty to be precise.

The naturist camp sites here are well-organized and they cater to very high safety standards. For nudists and nude bathers, these camp grounds are a delight as they are of very high quality and they have everything to take care of the needs of the campers. There are two types of naturist camp sites here: naturist-only campsites and combined campsites. For some, it is more comfortable to be nude all the time. Thus, naturist-only campsites are best for such individuals.

In case of combined campsites, most of them have separate zones for naturists as well as non-naturists. Therefore, you do not need to worry about being in the same place as clothed individuals. These are perfect for those who do not like to be nude all the time as they can swim and sunbathe nude and be clothed for other activities.

Bunculuka is one of the top naturist campsites in Croatia. Located on the Krk Island, this camp site has multiple awards to its credit. The long pebbly beach measures 1800 meters in length and there surrounding areas is covered with pine tress, Acacia and Spanish broom. There is a restaurant, a playground for children and different types of sports and entertainment facilities here.

Another highly acclaimed naturist camp site here would be Istra, Located in Istria region, this one has a fishing village called Funtana located nearby. One can choose to put up in mobile homes here or in tents here. The camp site also has a 1000 meter beach, children’s playground, four tennis courts and a sports center.