Enjoy The City In Winter

When you are stuck for an idea for a vacation, there are a lot of different choices you can find online. Some people enjoy spending the New Year in Ljubljana, which can always be great if you are interested in taking a little break now and then. Of course, if you choose to do this, it is important to have a look at your flights and your accommodation first. Make sure that you find a hotel that you will be comfortable in. By going online, you will be able to take a look at the huge selection of hotels that is out there now. There are also a few discount hostels that younger people may enjoy, due to their low prices.


If you happen to have disabled individuals traveling with you, then make sure to find somewhere that has the appropriate facilities. Do not worry about the language barrier, either. There are plenty of people in Ljubljana who have a good command of English, as well as a number of other languages. There is a huge interest in the historical side of the city, and therefore it is a hot tourist spot both during the summer and the winter.


When you decide to spend the New Year in Ljubljana, you will have an experience to remember. This is something that you will never forget, so start booking today. There are so many interesting choices around now that you can even get some low deals which will save you money and give you a great time.

Stepping out from your hotels in Ljubljana

Ljubljana! The capital of Slovenia, its obviously the first choice of area when deciding to visit Slovenia. Luckily there is no shortage of hotels in Ljubljana which is great if you are looking for relaxing strolls along the river, coffee along the river, shopping around the river. After all the city centre is located along the Ljubljanica River. Yet after all these activities along the river and coffees in the numerous swanky yet laid back cafes. You may be asking yourself…. Where is the alternative crowd?

If your hoping to take in a live rock band or thrash about a dance floor listening to ´The Cure´, well then you are in luck believe it or not! The answer to your question is ´Metelkova´, so step out from those hotels in Ljubljana and lets get loose.

Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa Ljublajna

During the 1980s, an alternative culture began to develop. This caused an influx of young people into the city centre and in turn the Metelkova neighbourhood was born in 1993, this massive space provides seven buildings consisting of art galleries, artist studios, and seven nightclubs. Its your urban ´home away from home´. The buildings are covered in graffiti and in one night within the neighbourhood you have the option of many different genre of music. Also, you can bring your own alcohol to Metelkova!
So there it is, tight jeans, studded belt, afro or mohawk make sure you escape from your hotels in Ljubljana and head to Metelkova for a great alternative AND cheap night out!

For all of you who prefer classy accommodation this Ljubljana brand new hotel might be the perfect choice.

Great Hotel in Ljubljana

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Slovenia staying in a hotel right in the middle of Ljubljana!

The Antiq Palace Hotel in Ljubljana was where I chose to stay and found it a great choice when it came to location, staff and rooms. Located on Gornji Trg in the Old Town, we were close to the river, castle and market. The general ambiance was refreshingly laid-back and the helpful young staff were very pleasant and informative.

This particular hotel in Ljubljana had lots of character and appeared to be an old building, lovingly restored. Even though right in the centre of Ljubljana the room was still quiet. The bathroom although small was well designed. Having everything needed without feeling cramped.

Exceptional Antiq Palace HotelThe breakfast was more than adequate. There is no restaurant but the location makes up for this, being surrounded by many great eateries. I highly recommend a night walk around the centre. The Triple Bridges or Tromostovje, looks magical at night and there are some nice places to have a drink along the river also.
I look forward to returning to this great hotel in Ljubljana the next time I find myself in Slovenia!

You can have a look at this amazing boutique hotel via this link.

Hotels In Ljubljana Old Town

Getting a 4 star boutique suite from ljubljana hotels is something that needs a lot of research, thinking and intelligent selection. As a first time traveler, you would not want to commit the mistakes that most first time tourists make. Some of the common mistakes may include renting a suite that you do not suit your needs and miscalculating your financial plan. If you want to make the best out of your getaway, you should seek the best travel agent. You will find experts who can help you throughout your search and who can teach you the techniques when it comes to travel.

Ljubljana Hotel Union
Hotel Union in 1915

Most people tend to be suspicious of travel agents. Some think that they intend to push people to shell out their money. This is true if the travel agent that you hired is unprofessional. It is important to get an agent who is competent and who can assist you in locating the best offers when it comes to Ljubljana hotels.  A professional travel agent can do a lot in locating the best resources when it comes to budgeting and locating the Ljubljana hotels suite you need.

It should not be difficult to get the right agent to work with if you do some research.  You may pick up some from directories and do background check on them. You can look up an agent’s name and license as well as check the number of years he or she has been in service.

Once you have an agent to work with, you can then proceed on the things that you want to do during your travel. Ljubljana is an old town rich in culture so you may want to check the art galleries and restaurants in the area. If you are a wise traveler, you do not need to spend much just to enjoy your getaway. You can go to hot spots like Ljubljana Marshes and visit Baroque and Vienna inspired buildings. Transportation is very easy in Ljubljana as they have trains and flights to numerous destinations. All you need to do is to prepare your budget, hire a good travel agent, pack your bags and list the places you want to visit in Ljubljana so you can surely enjoy your vacation.

Ljubljana Hotels in Central Ljubljana

Do you know Ljubljana? Ljubljana is the capital and also the largest city in Slovenia, a country in central Europe. Ljubljana is famous for its quietness, where you can find such comfortable atmosphere by staying there for few days, and discovering its fantastic historic buildings. In case you need a place to rest there, finding Ljubljana hotels is the one you should first think about. There are many Ljubljana hotels you could choose in Ljubljana, even so, there maybe not many which will satisfy your needs of good Ljubljana hotels. Choosing from Ljubljana hotels won’t be easy as there are numerous Ljubljana hotels with their own pro and cons and also Ljubljana is pretty unpopular for many of tourist there due to lack of a world-class tourist attraction or landmark but it is actually the one that make it popular because of its quietness. Choosing Ljubljana hotels also need the same treatments as there are many Ljubljana hotels.

antiq hotel Ljubljana

Ljubljana Hotels Located in the Central Ljubljana

Choosing Ljubljana hotels also need much attention as there are many of them located far away from the central of the city, you will need to get Ljubljana hotels that is located as near as possible to the central of the city as many tourist attractions are located in the central of the city. Even so, getting Ljubljana hotels that near the central of the city isn’t going to be easy even though now there are technology such as Google Earth to help you find Ljubljana hotels near the central of the city but it will needs much amounts of time, and it will not be really accurate as maybe the Ljubljana hotels you saw on the Google Earth is already closed now. The recommendation I can give is to choose Ljubljana hotels near the city and the hotel is Antiq Palace Hotel. The Antiq Palace Hotel is located in the central Ljubljana so it will make you easier to travel to the tourist attractions located in the central Ljubljana.

Ljubljana Hotels with Good Facilities

If you need to get Ljubljana hotels with good facility, it all depends on what you would like in Ljubljana hotels, in case you need good sport and health facilities, all I can say is to choose Antiq Palace Hotel Ljubljana. It is because the boutique hotel of Antique Palace Hotel has so many sport and health facilities including gym equipped with latest fitness equipment, a Jacuzzi, and many more. Just visit their site and send them an inquiry to get much more information about them.
My final recommendation is that if you are looking for Ljubljana hotels always prepare early as it is better to get prepared earlier to reserve your room in Ljubljana hotels.