Stepping out from your hotels in Ljubljana

Ljubljana! The capital of Slovenia, its obviously the first choice of area when deciding to visit Slovenia. Luckily there is no shortage of hotels in Ljubljana which is great if you are looking for relaxing strolls along the river, coffee along the river, shopping around the river. After all the city centre is located along the Ljubljanica River. Yet after all these activities along the river and coffees in the numerous swanky yet laid back cafes. You may be asking yourself…. Where is the alternative crowd?

If your hoping to take in a live rock band or thrash about a dance floor listening to ´The Cure´, well then you are in luck believe it or not! The answer to your question is ´Metelkova´, so step out from those hotels in Ljubljana and lets get loose.

Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa Ljublajna

During the 1980s, an alternative culture began to develop. This caused an influx of young people into the city centre and in turn the Metelkova neighbourhood was born in 1993, this massive space provides seven buildings consisting of art galleries, artist studios, and seven nightclubs. Its your urban ´home away from home´. The buildings are covered in graffiti and in one night within the neighbourhood you have the option of many different genre of music. Also, you can bring your own alcohol to Metelkova!
So there it is, tight jeans, studded belt, afro or mohawk make sure you escape from your hotels in Ljubljana and head to Metelkova for a great alternative AND cheap night out!

For all of you who prefer classy accommodation this Ljubljana brand new hotel might be the perfect choice.

One Of The Best Hotels In Ljubljana

There are many hotels in Ljubljana that you can you stay at. However, one of the of the best ones is the Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa Ljubljana. There are a multitude of reasons to stay here. First, it offers an excellent location. You are close to a variety of great tourist attractions. You can easily visit the St. Nicholas Cathedral, take a tour of Ljublanaj castle, or see the marvelous Triple Bridge.

Antiq Palace Hotel Ljubljana

The staff will do their absolute best to make your feel right at home. Even if you do not know the language, many workers are multi-lingual and can still answer any questions you may have. A concierge can help you find events you may want to enjoy in town, and can arrange tickets and even transportation for you.

The rooms themselves offer lots of luxuries. You can enjoy air conditioning, your own private balcony, a mini bar, and internet access. Sit back and relax while you watch the newest movies and shows on a flat-screen TV. You can even arrange for a massage right in your room without having to worry about getting up.

There are other hotels in Ljubljana you could use, but the Antiq Palace simply has more to offer. Its proximity to several great attractions is unbeatable. The staff is multi-lingual, which is very helpful to first time visitors. The rooms offer amenities that will make you think you truly are staying in a palace.