Slovenia real estate

Are you looking for a place to live near high Alpine peaks and also near Mediterranean coast, in peaceful environment and with low crime rate, stable economy and politics? You can stop looking. Slovenia has all that and more.

Slovenia is a Central Europe country with around 2,100,000 inhabitants. It covers an area of 20,256 square kilometers. Republic of Slovenia is a democratic country since 1991 and part of EU and NATO since 2004. Economy is growing, in 2009 the GDP was $24,417 per capita. Slovenia has also a good educational system which is free of charge.

The capital city is Ljubljana, a mid sized city with around 280,000 inhabitants. It is also a biggest city in country and a center of economy – with less than 15% inhabitants living there produce 25% of country GDP.

You might think that properties in such an idyllic country are overpriced but it is not completely true. They are reasonable priced but it is true that the prices are rising up to 30% in some regions, mostly because of rising demand from overseas. There are many real estate agencies in Slovenia real estate market which can help you with purchase. Funding is also not a problem – there are many domestic and international banks which would be glad to help you with your buying process.