Differences Between 3 Star And 5 Star Gulets From Goolets.com

When you decide to arrange a vacation through Goolets.com you have a choice of either spending time on a 3 star or 5 star gullet. Since the creation of this company they have worked hard to ensure that they offer their clientele the best service possible.

However if you have never chosen to take such a holiday before let us explain a little about the difference between hiring a 1 star and 5 star gulet through Goolets.com. What you should be aware of is that with this company they only offer 3 to 5 star rated gulets to their clientele.

On all of their gulets you will discover that not only are the cabins and bathrooms much larger, but they also come with the kind of luxuries you would expect to find in any 5 star hotel. Plus they come with the added bonus of having a good air conditioning system installed so even when the heat gets too much you can take shelter away from it.

Another feature that you get offered with the gulets that Goolets.com offer include a Plasma TV and DVD. Plus they also come with a number of pieces of equipment relating to other forms of water based sports. Some come with water skis or jet skis, and others have on board them a windsurfer.

Finally when it comes to hiring any of these vessels they come with a crew who not only sail the vessel, but also who are there to take care of your every need. On board these gulets the staff are trained to ensure that not only is your holiday extremely relaxing but also very enjoyable. Part of their training includes ensuring that the correct kinds of wines are served with the meals created for you by the chef who is also part of the crew.