A Hotel in Ljubljana

LjubljanaStarting from the mountains of the Julian Alps through to the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia is a small Central European country, hosting diverse but equally beautiful landscapes. The most popular destination to book a hotel in Slovenia is Ljubljana, which is also a common Slovenian travel destination and the capital city, classified as the only Slovenian large town.

Even though a medieval cityscape consisting of charming castles, palaces, cathedrals, and museums, Ljubljana also provides good entertainment facilities and tourist services.

Hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, and biking are activities easy to find in Slovenia, due to its Alpine regions. However, if you are searching for more of a pampering you can choose to unwind in the country’s many spas and health resorts, or the many vineyards. But be warned the locals are very welcoming so it may be smart to book a hotel for the night outside of Ljubljana!

In Slovenia, the high season ranges from July to August. Tourist services are comfortable and there are many to choose from, which are easy to find at a reasonable price. There is a broad range of hotels, from five star luxuries, to cheap hostels or mountain cottage stays. This is much the same for restaurants also.

So book your ticket, chose your favourite hotel in Ljubljana, and enjoy a European stay with a difference.