Things To Do In Rovinj and Vrsar

Things To Do In Rovinj and Vrsar

If you are planning to visit Croatia, you should plan a few days in Rovinj and Vrsar. These beautiful cities are located on the Istrian coast and are prime tourist locations. The ancient cities exhibit a hodge-podge of Venetian, Illyrian and Roman architecture that is still visible all over the city landscapes.

A few of the main attractions of the beautiful city of Rovinj are:

• The Piers — Rovinj is a major Mediterranean fishing port and you can still see fishers hauling in their catch early in the morning. Take the time to walk down the piers and enjoy the fresh seafood prepared at world-class pier side restaurants.
• St. Euphemia’s Basilica — This ancient Baroque church towers over the city and houses the remains of Saint Euphemia. The sixth-century saint is resides in the church in an antique roman sarcophagus.
• Monkodonja — This towering hill fort overlooks the city of Rovinj and is thought to be Roman or Greek in origin. Vertical caves dot the hill and are thought to have a cult or ritualistic origin. Wooded hills and mountains surround the old fort and it forms a picturesque background for visitors.

Vrsar is another beautiful city located close to Rovinj. This city too has lovely local architecture, rolling hills and fields, and a bustling nightlife that is perfect for an international tourist.

Summertime is the perfect season to visit Croatia. Both cities have affordable housing but camping facilities is preferable as you can see the cities as cheaply as possible. Companies like offer beachfront or hillside camping grounds, mobile homes, or even terraced pitches for visiting tourist. Sporting activities like pedal boats, tennis courts, diving facilities, hiking, etc. are also offered depending on location of the camping spot. Some campsites also offer free Wi-Fi, restaurant facilities, mobile homes with AC, showers, and TVs with SAT connections. If you have your children with you, a few camps also offer children’s entertainment programs and pet accommodation facilities.

Prices are affordable and you will be able to see Rovinj and Vrsar up-close and personal.

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Where to Take Your Vacationing in Croatia

Are you planning to have an amazing vacation trip and do not know where to go? Croatia may not be one of the options you are thinking about, but the truth is it is becoming one of the most sought after vacation destinations. With a hooping 3,500 stretch of coastline and over 1,000 picturesque and unique places to visit, Croatia provides an ideal vacation destination spot for any person wishing to have a memorable holiday.

Places to Visit

Rovinj, a city considered as a romance destination and a city full of art, is one of the destination cities you don’t want to miss on your vacation plan. This town seats on a peninsula and provides a beautiful view of terracotta-roofed homes. You can also enjoy viewing the Church of St. Euphemy, which reminds us of the church in the 18th century.

Rovinj’s mild climate, warm sea, inspiring scenery and a considerable number of historical monuments and unique picturesque makes it the best option for anyone looking for a fun-filled vacation. The spot provides limitless options, including nature walks, cultural antiques, mountaineering, hidden beauties and sporting events year round. Besides, the city boasts of high-quality hotels, camps, a variety of sporting and entertainment events, business conferences among other treasures that are not easily found in other cities.

Things to Do While in Croatia

. Take a walk around the streets of an old town
. Visit Rovinj Heritage Museum, which is located in the Baroque palace
. Take a walk on the Island of St. Andrija
. Climbing the campanile of the cathedral of Sv. Euphemia located at the heart of the town.

Entertainment and nightlife

If you intent to have some considerable amount of time in Croatia, you can choose to enjoy a variety of local and international events as well as events. For those who love nightlife can dance themselves all night long in Monvi, one of the largest entertainment spots with all sorts of restaurants, discos and bars. Gear yourself up for your upcoming summer vacation by booking a place in some of the most comfortable places in Rovinj and enjoy yourself.